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24 September 2020

When passion and play come together to weave a FLUID data fabric.

At ASE, if we’ve learnt anything over the years, it’s that technology no matter how extensive, complex or innovative, requires ONE thing to make it work. That’s good connectivity!

As a company of maverick engineers, architects and lovers of all things technology we figured that connectivity shouldn’t be challenging nor difficult – just workable.
As we do, some of our bright minds tinkered and played around to develop a solution (consumption based) we have termed – FLUID.

FLUID, officially termed Fabric Linked Universal Interface to Data (who uses full naming conventions these days anyway) unlike normal connectivity, has been designed to specifically manage the movement of data. Using a software defined approach native to NetApp offerings, FLUID reliably allows data to be moved from core-to edge-to cloud and across public, private and hybrid cloud eco-systems, when needed.

Best of all, this movement is two ways, in and out (yes OUT too!) without penalties. Seems logical but just drop in the word vendor lock-in for example and enter a challenge – let alone costs!

Rather than allow us to talk about FLUID all day (and we can), take a fun look over the FLUID Playbook, and see how connectivity made simple, made better can be a game a changer.

View FLUID Playbook

Please contact the team at ASE ( for any FLUID inquiries.
We’d love to chat. 

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