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27 July 2021

WEBINAR RECAP | 5 tips to improve your cyber security

Cyber security has been proven to be an essential part of any business’s IT strategy in today’s technological world. Cyber security incidents have been consistently on the rise since 2019 according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre and it is understandable as to why, as businesses become increasingly geo-independent and have remote workers. As technology continues to grow, so do hacking techniques and efforts.

With a topical subject of ‘Cyber Security’, we wanted to ensure that our webinar “Deep Dive into Cyber Security | Through a new lens” investigated the less-often-reviewed and discussed aspects of cyber protection and preventative methods. Our esteemed panel of experts came from varying backgrounds of cyber security; strategy, risk, legal, and insurance in order to unpack the possibilities a company could adopt to have a strong and well-rounded arsenal against hackers and scammers.

Here is a short summary with the top 5 tips you can adopt now to improve your cyber security:

  1. Build a strong backup plan and strategy. 93% of attacks are unrecoverable without a solid data and backup strategy. Hackers are learning to attack company data and their backups too.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reach out to your cyber security, insurance and legal specialists and ask questions to engage the correct technical, financial, and legal tools that protect your unique company at a suitable cost.
  3. Implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for everything. It may seem insignificant and perhaps even inconvenient to a user, however if implemented on all accounts, 99% of security attacks on accounts can be reduced by using an MFA.
  4. Disable Administrative Rights. There will be a few users that require administrative privileges, however, it should be permitted on an application-based system.
  5. Remove Office Macros for everyone. Office macros are commonly used in ransomware and malware attacks. This too, will only need to be enabled for a few however, it is advised to remove it altogether.

To have the full breadth of tips and teachings, watch the webinar here.

Our panel, 
Philip Evangelou, a legal director at OpenLegal specialising in IT law
Sam Giorgatzis, an insurance broker at Praden, a corporate insurance and advisory firm
Sasha Hajenko, Director of Blue Phoenix Systems a cyber security, strategy and assessment firm 
Kristof Kazmer, Head of Solutions and Sales at ASE, a cloud and data specialist
have assisted companies of all sizes, small and large, to avoid common security pitfalls, ensure legal maintenance, and understand government regulations. 

Every company is at risk of a cyber-attack and having the right team of trusted experts on side makes all the difference, ensuring you are protected from a technical, legal, and insurance perspective.

For more information or assistance, email ASE or call 02 9008 2338.

All questions are welcomed. 

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