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12 July 2021

WEBINAR | Deep Dive into Cyber Security | Through a new lens

Cyber security threats are constant as seen in recent news, and experts urge businesses to have “common sense” cyber hygiene.  

Repeated information on this high-risk and ever-evolving topic is a concern and so, we have crafted a webinar with a leading panel of experts to illuminate this highly saturated topic with new insightful perspectives.  

Join us on Thursday, 22 July @12:30pm for a virtual experience highlighting the full scope of cyber security including ransom tactics, strategic backups, risk identification, and your data legal criterion in our upcoming free webinar.  

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The esteemed panel includes Philip Evangelou, Director at OpenLegal, Sasha Hajenko, Director at Blue Phoenix Systems, Sam Giorgatzis, Managing Director at Praden, and Kristof Kazmer, Head of Solutions at ASE.  

Specifically, the panel will investigate: 

  • Primary vectors for cybersecurity incidents – describing the ways that cyber criminals infiltrate networks and the most effective methods to address these 
  • Ransomware tactics – once data is encrypted, what tactics are used to extract ransom 
  • Strategic backups – how to ensure your backup regime aligns with recovery objectives 
  • Data and privacy breaches – Discussion on data access including steps to follow after a breach or suspected breach 
  • Accuracy of information – as companies can be liable for improper data care (from an Australian government perspective) 
  • Risk identification and management – as well as ensuring your security is being reviewed and updated accordingly
  • Quick Wins’ – an insurer’s perspective on the main ‘easy to implement’ and low-cost cyber risk improvements organisations can adopt to improve their cyber risk profile 
  • And so much more. 

This is an experience you do not want to miss! Thursday, 22 July 2021, 12:30 p.m. 

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