A streamlined cloud managed workflow process will drive productivity, mobility, and efficiency and meet crucial business requirements.
No matter the scope or scale of your business.

Modern workflows are evolving but integrating cloud into workflow applications is not straightforward. The sheer broad range of workflow programs, combined with asset security and content integrity, is a concern for all users.

By enabling all compatible workflow applications to be cloud based, and combining this with a safe environment where all assets are protected, accessible and tracked, ASE believes businesses can rise above the bits and bytes to transform and automate their workload.


ASE HCI Flex is a solution aimed at alleviating business challenges. Enabling organisations through an agile approach to increase or decrease processing, storage and now native connectivity capabilities in a FLEXible, reliable and high quality consumption based manner.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) combined with ASE FLEX, is not just another acronym, but a proven approach to driving scale, speeding execution and enabling innovation. A truly flexible alternative to support a rapidly evolving digital landscape when it comes to smart workflow management.

In a climate where organisations need to mobilise data with speed, reduce risk, manage workflows / applications remotely all whilst justifying and amortising investments, this can often be a very challenging task. Not anymore with ASE HCI Flex.

What are the benefits of ASE HCI Flex?

  • Reduces rising cloud computing and/or networking costs.
  • Supports easy and cost effective modernising of data centre footprints.
  • Alleviates problems with performance and latency across locations, networks and applications.
  • Future proofs capacity management that can limit business growth and agility.
  • Creates high variability in processing power for timely needs without the continual operational costs.
  • Allows accessing data quickly and easily to drive meaningful decision-making.
  • Removes limited cloud vendor locations that impact edge computing performance.

ASE HCI Flex. A Flexible way to cloud. 

ASE HCI Flex built on NetApp’s HCI environment is a simple turnkey, consumption-based offering, providing all the benefits of multi and hybrid cloud computing without the up-front capital investment, complex deployment challenges or data lock-in risks.


CPU Cloud allows you to run any application or workload in the cloud by providing the ability to adjust processor cores, RAM, and networking as demand requires.

ASE has partnered with global technology leader Cisco and VMware to ensure that with the ASE CPUCloud you pay for only what you use and nothing more.

What are the benefits?

  • various service delivery models: private, virtual private, public, or a hybrid mix of all
  • validated architecture from technology leaders ASE, NetApp, VMware and Cisco (FlexPod stack)
  • make adjustments on demand
  • no capital outlay on expensive servers or hardware
  • pay for what you need
  • flexibility, scalability
  • “FlexPod” as a service capability


AppCloud hosts and manages the performance and availability of workflow vital applications on the ASE cloud.

Whether these are line of business applications, legacy applications, databases, virtual desktops, containers or custom applications – there is no limit to the applications ASE’s cloud can manage. All applications are delivered on-demand and are immediately available to you.

What are the benefits?

  • a single point of contact for all parts of the technology workflow
  • multicloud enabled to allow you to get the only the best applications from any cloud
  • applications are delivered on-demand
  • secure and protected application and workflow services
  • load balanced and scalable services
  • built in disaster recovery
  • no extended implementation timeframes
  • fast connectivity
  • 24/7 availability and support to the ASE Assist team
  • no need for infrastructure or capital investment
  • immediately replicable and scaleable

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