Data Management


ASE’s best-in-class data management allows a business to improve its reaction times, access critical resources and make competitive business decisions.

Data management, however, is an iterative journey. Traditionally, data storage has been centred around protection, but modern day data management also requires high capacity storage, agility, and all flash (extreme) performance. Most importantly, this data must provide actionable insights and opportunities too.

ASE understands that data storage solutions must be flexible and scalable, universally accessible, and integrated with ALL cloud service providers; whilst at the same time protected, managed, and intelligent.


StorCloud is the most effective option for storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

A Storage as a Service offering, built on industry leading storage technology from NetApp, ASE StorCloud provides peace of mind that your storage is safe and always accessible. It’s no wonder ASE is the proud winner of NetApp’s Cloud Initiative of the Year 2016.

What are the benefits?

  • data is secure and accessible due to our ability to migrate and replicate data between our geographically dispersed data centres
  • various service delivery models: private, virtual private, public, or a hybrid mix of all
  • multi cloud enabled ensuring extended data management and access to all cloud providers
  • allows mobility of data and avoids lock in to any specific hyper-scaler
  • no network egress (traffic) charges ensures that data can be recalled at will
  • high performance architecture
  • massive capacity capability
  • available on-demand and in your local market
  • geographical desperation for better resiliency
  • no upfront infrastructure expenses

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NetApp Private Storage as a Service

NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPSaaS) for Cloud enables a multi-cloud solution, meaning companies have the flexibility to store their data in the world’s best Equinix and NextDC datacentres, which are located next to the cloud enabling easy portability to another service.

This design means customers can access their data quickly and easily between cloud providers, because their data resides close to the cloud, not in it, while maintaining complete control and safety of their data.

What are the benefits?

  • combine public cloud benefits with proven enterprise NetApp storage
  • connect or switch to new clouds in minutes
  • eliminate vendor lock-in and expensive data migrations
  • reduce business risks by using multiple clouds
  • maximise cloud buying power and flexibility
  • accelerate time to market by up to 75%
  • reduce IT data management costs by up to 66%
  • automate and reduce resource provisioning from weeks to minutes

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StorageGRID as a service

StorageGRID as a Service provides businesses with the benefits of object based, high volume storage in a cloud service model.

ASE StorageGrid allows data to be ingested where it is created and automatically replicated to where it is needed, meaning business performance is optimized and data management policy is enforced. By providing industry standard connectors such as S3 and SWIFT, StorageGRID as a service from ASE can be utilized in addition or as a replacement for other object storage services such as Amazon Web Services S3.

What are the benefits?

  • single global namespace for storing data as an object, referenced anywhere and easily replicated geographically
  • infinitely scalable storage capacity
  • seamless global access in multiple locations
  • integration with file and cloud workflow applications
  • levels of integrity protection including hashes, checksums and authentications
  • rapid startup and expansion
  • 24×7 monitoring

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