2020 NetApp ANZ Partner Awards.
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Shifting the partner paradigm.

ASE – Congratulations!
2 nominations and 1 category winner in #2020 NetApp ANZ Partner Awards.

We’ve all heard the adage; it takes a village to raise children.
Apply this to a professional scenario, and it still rings true.
Success is truly the result when surrounded by a great team or eco-system.

Having partnered with NetApp for over 12 years, the team ASE have learnt a few things – the key is being a transformer.  No not quite the Megatron we all know, but adaptable and innovative has meant that as a organisation, ASE have been able to better align our service offerings to the NetApp technology roadmap or data fabric.

Creating and sustaining a number of value-add benefits – selling alongside NetApp not through a traditional resell approach has been fundamental.

As a partner, ASE focuses on a customer’s businesses and specifically improving the value of that customers key asset: their data. Helping customers in turn deliver better outcomes to their customers.

Offerings like ASE DataDAM has meant the opportunity to practically rollout new consumption and commercial models (keystone, cloud volumes etc..) for consumers. Transforming linear approaches to technology and service offerings with flexible and agile alternatives.

Having the ability to work and be supported by partners, like NetApp is a true testament to a forward thinking eco-system and a new way of partnering. Excited for 2021.

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