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23 May 2017

What makes for good workflow?

In the world of technology, yesterday’s ideas are often considered dated.

Despite being conducted in 2007, according to findings undertaken by the Tannenbaum Institute, the key challenges to effective workflow is not just adding automation but ensuring that the implementation of workflows (notably automated ones) are scalable, agile, adaptive; allowing for meaning insights to be garnered.

Begging the question – does a solution like this even exist?

Taking a glass half full approach, we (ASE) like to think yes. Well ok, we might be slightly biased. We certainly all know that there is a plethora of information on hand for organisations considering how to achieve efficient and effective workflows.

THREE key benefits we think great workflow enables include:

1. Strategic Engagement. Allows management to concentrate on strategic business oriented activities instead of mundane tasks.

2. Informed Decisions. Workflow has provisions to answer all possible questions that arise when deciding on or actioning a task. Factoring the growth of AI integration makes for even more interesting and powerful options.

3. Improved visibility. Reducing double handling and human error. Allowing for more effective end to end monitoring that is clearly documented for reference.

Data management is no different. No doubt considered only one piece to a bigger (workflow) puzzle, having the ability to boost productivity throughout an organisation by automating repeatable manual storage-management processes, is simply a cloud solution that does exist! See how.

ASE cloud solutions (powered by NetApp) enable workflow efficiencies to be improved by up to 75%.

Drop us a line if you would like more information around Data Management solutions or visit our website. We’d love to chat!

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