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Ezypay: A Fluid infrastructure transition

Ezypay Snapshot, to view the full case study download the PDF data strategy roadmap


Ezypay is Australia’s leading solution for subscription and direct debit billing. The company offers a cloud-based subscription payment platform to manage recurring direct debit payments across multiple sites, multiple payment methods and multiple currencies to businesses and their customers across the Asia Pacific region.

Ezypay have been a client of ASE for over eight years. During that time we have delivered colocation, connectivity and unified communications services.

After a technology analysis of their business, ASE originally relocated Ezypay into an Equinix colocation facility, out of their offices in Chatswood, NSW, Australia. To take advantage of the better availability and up time of services, ASE shifted Ezypay infrastructure and workloads, which also came with a host of the other advantages from a connectivity and security perspective, as well as access to cloud services.


Ezypay needed to evolve to deliver better online services to their clients. The challenge was connecting existing on-prem legacy infrastructure (for compliance and data sovereignty) to multiple cloud platforms.  

How could Ezypay connect and manage their data across these silos without a need for a full refresh?  


ASE integrated Fluid to transition to more agile and modern architecture.  

  • Fluid’s integration with NetApp Cloud Manager and Trident provided visibility and control of ALL compute, network and data storage elements.  
  • Forward-looking approach to deploy new containerised services and support the legacy environment through a centralised console, NetApp Cloud Manager 
  • Maximised and protected existing investment on legacy hardware/ maintenance whilst being connected to modern cloud infrastructure 


  • Ezypay are able to place more focus on their application and therefore their users, as opposed to maintaining a legacy infrastructure. 
  • Ezypay consolidated an entire cabinet of equipment down to approx 2RUs of rack space 
  • Data became more accessible whilst maintaining protection and privacy 
  • Ezypay can now accelerate their product development across any cloud and in any region where it operates 
  • Managing Fluid from within NetApp Cloud Manager resulted in exposure to other complimentary NetApp services (Snapshot Control, Cloud Insights) whereby they manage their infrastructure requirements in a centralised console 

For more details download Full Case Study.

Download Full Case Study
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