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Don’t Let Ransomware Knock You Out

Every 11 seconds there’s a ransomware attack. It’s not a matter of if—but when you will be a target. Is your business prepared to take on cybercriminals? Be ready to come out swinging with the Ransomware Protection and Recovery Services.

Beat them to the punch

  • Detect and remediate risks and security gaps in advance.
  • Determine data protection needs before a ransomware attack occurs.
  • An assessment of your current environment identifies business continuity risks, locates unprotected storage volumes, and provides best practices recommendations for closing security gaps.

Put up your guard

  • Protect your data storage and improve ransomware readiness with the right security tools.
  • Keep would-be attackers on the ropes through a subscription-based approach.
  • Implement an industry-leading anti-ransomware tools, so we can watch over your environment with 24/7/365 with monitoring, responding to alerts, and administering software so you have the confidence that your data is secure.

Land a knock-out blow

  • Recover faster when a ransomware attack happens.
  • Deliver a one-two punch for maintaining business continuity and accelerating data recovery.
  • Confirms a strong recovery plan is in place.
  • Provides semi-annual testing and validation to ensure backups can be restored quickly, without compromising data integrity.
  • Uses NetApp Snapshot ™ copies for data recovery to minimize costs, to stop any ransomware spread, and to get you back on your feet faster.

Toughen up your ransomware readiness by putting ASE in your corner. To find out more, contact one of our team today.

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