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20 September 2017

AW Edwards: Overcoming the challenge of temporary work locations without compromising on quality.


AW Edwards is a leading family owned and operated Australian construction and fitout business. In more than 95 years of operation, AW Edwards has won multiple awards for its work in the health, transport, sport and education sectors.

The technology challenges for AW Edwards surround the nature of working on various off-site projects for limited time periods – and connecting data back to their head office. In addition, the Australian company has seen significant growth over the years and with expansion leading to changing technological needs…


ASE collaborated with AW Edwards to rapidly create a bespoke solution to allow greater connectivity.

The solution ASE deployed was a high-speed fibre network that allowed data to move between head office and construction sites faster and more securely.

A hybrid Data Management model was deployed where AW Edwards have their own server that can be rolled over to an external site as required with ASE managing and sending reports. The hybrid model allows AW Edwards to control much of the day-to-day IT operations and not duplicate on strengths with ASE…


AW Edwards now has a more efficient IT system allowing productivity to increase 20-30% as a result of being able to access important data from temporary construction sites.

ASE provided AW Edwards with technical expertise and ‘provisorship’ to support their business needs whist still enabling complete autonomy for the team to manage their digital strategy…

For more details, download case study PDF.

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“ASE helped AW Edwards improve and stabilise our network connectivity and data management with flexible solutions
that allowed us to maintain the control we required.”
– Martin Bjorke, IT Manager, AW Edwards.

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