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28 August 2018

ASE & OpsCentre Data Blueprint Breakfast Series: Harnessing the value of the datasphere.

Please join us (ASE) in partnership with OpsCentre for BREAKFAST AND COFFEE (our shout)…

Discussing how technology is transforming modern day business models and work practices. Creating incredible opportunities for Australian companies and our customers, Yet at the same time threatening those of us that get left behind.

With such a smorgasbord of technology and scalable platforms available, the question we all face is simply “when will our adoption take place?”, not whether or not it will be implemented.
Those leading-edge, successful companies are leveraging technology solutions to create a frictionless experience for all stakeholders – from start to finish.

Delivered as a seperate 3-part breakfast series, each event will look to provide both practical approaches and simple insights through customer examples for harnessing a businesses’ greatest asset – DATA.

Don’t forget to REGISTER.
We look forward to meeting you, as well as sharing and hearing insights.

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