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27 May 2022

ASE Finalists for NetApp ANZ Partner Awards 2022

ASE is proud to share that CEO, Andrew Sjoquist and Marketing Director, Rachael Hedges were nominated as finalists in NetApp’s ANZ Partner Award in their respective categories, for Data Visionary and Marketing Excellence. These are awarded to those who helped customers derive the most value from their data to achieve exceptional business outcomes. 

The award ceremony was held recently in Sydney with ASE’s Rachael, Kristof, and Andrew in attendance. A fun night was had by all, it was fantastic to celebrate all finalists, and of course to be back having events in real life after a long hiatus. 

NetApp prides itself on forming lasting partnerships with their industry’s best reseller, application, infrastructure, consulting, and cloud service provider partners. The Partner Awards are held to acknowledge commitment and to recognise the success of NetApp’s partners.  

ASE have been proud partners of NetApp since 2007. Partnering with NetApp has meant that our customers have had access to data centres with high-speed links to hyperscalers, re-engineering the belief that customers have to move to cloud. ASE were honoured to be finalists in their Partner Awards 2022. ASE is of course no stranger to the awards, Andrew has been a Data Visionary finalist three times and ASE has also received previous awards.  

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Sjoquist said, “It was an honour to be recognised in the 2022 NetApp Partner Awards. We have enjoyed working with NetApp for over 15 years and look forward to what our partnership will bring us in the future.” 

Congratulations to all the winners of the evening. Thank you to NetApp for a great night of celebrations, we look forward to many more in the future.  

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