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28 May 2020

A better way of allowing data to tell a FLUID story; where you choose the ending!

Behind all great content is data; billions and billions of 1’s and 0’s that are the bricks of digital entertainment and information. Bringing this information and entertainment from the idea to the audience involves teams of people and increasingly these teams of people can be based anywhere, using a multitude of tools to produce a story.

The best tools to serve this content creation will be tools and technology that make it as easy as possible to share data, collaborate on projects and move data seamlessly without impediment so that creativity is frictionless and without compromise.

NetApp’s Data Fabric is the ideal environment for the data that makes up the bricks of entertainment and information. NetApp’s Data Fabric creates a robust common platform for data storage. The NetApp tool suite has extensive features that streamline and simplify data storage between different data formats and platforms. The Data Fabric allows teams of people creating and distributing content to easily manipulate and modify data between applications and platforms.

ASE’s FLUID (Fabric Linked Universal Interface to Data) is the perfect accompaniment to the NetApp Data Fabric. FLUID is the networking component to the Data Fabric, allowing the data to be moved seamlessly between the Data Fabric and public cloud, either across the hall or across the globe.

FLUID integrates sophisticated networking and application containerisation tools to the NetApp tool set so that complex workflows can be easily created from this tool set, without setting up a complex technical project with teams of different skill sets.

It comes preconfigured with 100’s of prebuilt network routes to major media centres around the world, with more being added all the time to send and receive data. It has all of the connectivity to connect to public clouds allowing processing horsepower to be brought to a task, all from a single console.

FLUID is installed onto existing Mellanox infrastructure in a few easy steps. FLUID comes with powerful, but easy to use management tools. Installing FLUID is not a time or resource impediment to creative work.
FLUID eliminates the complexity of platform and networking projects, removing an impediment to spontaneous creative development.

Importantly with the networking cross connects and public cloud components of FLUID, you only pay for them when you use them, allowing creators to be agile; building new flexible ways of working as required with a high degree of spontaneity; as innovative production requires needs.

With NetApp’s Data Fabric, embedded with ASE’s FLUID, creators have a better way to collaborate and produce, without being encumbered by complex technical projects. These creators have a better way of collaborating with the best teams for the task regardless of where they are located. FLUID is a better way of sharing an archive and getting content to distribution platforms. It is a better way of unifying production centres. It is a better  way of linking creative service providers with their clients. It helps creators deal with the unexpected at the same time as simplifying the technical production ecosystem.

ASE FLUID and the NetApp Data Fabric, an easier, better way to create. 

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